Modest Goddess

Another weekend of fellowship, alignment and sacred connections. The Modest Goddess Makeup Demonstrative Class hosted by owners Jalisa and Fatimah of “And Then There Was Z” detailed a beautiful day where women came together an established a modest routine in the sacred art of adornment through makeup, plant medicine and fellowship.

I partnered with And then there was Z who believe “the importance of redefining your individual standard of beauty … fit(s) your self-care and nothing else.” On their website they detail that their goal is to “share the self love we have individually come to possess through confidence building.” A makeup artistry duo that combines the benefits of self care, makeup and esteem into their definition of wellbeing ….. “the roots of this must start within ourselves and be deeply planted, like the roots of the African Baobab tree. We have a message of self love, self care, and confidence. We are ready to spread it contagiously through out the world, in hopes that it touches every soul in need.”

For the event I shared two of my beauty tricks and coveted favorites with the women that targets not only external beauty but also the internal nourished glow. The ladies started their sessions with a few drops of the “Rose Love” facial serum and a quick rundown on what I rave here with Well Fed Apothecary.

Along side mimosas provided by the lovely host, they also enjoyed a chilled sweeten tonic of the “Beauty Potion”. The sweet nourishing blend soothed nerves, help de-puff the face and broke the ice to engage in insightful conversations.

We ended the night with selfies, exchanges and laughs, a reminder that healing is a revolutionary effort that starts with self. Taking care of both the external and internal parts, makes room for the alignment of wellbeing… a Well Fed pillar and goal.

Wilnise Francois