Be Still Elixir

Be Still Elixir

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Be still; 


the yin & yang ; 

.. softness + strength… 

This sweet cooling formula was formulated specifically to cool the body and allow the flow of your innate ability to connect with your mind. 

Taping into intuitive powers with ease to strengthen the ability to navigate through your personal emotions.

When emotions of life tend to be overwhelming or self sabotaging. Stillness harnesses vital power from the core, our inner most voice, our hearts’ 

Beautiful rose, linden blossom, schisandra , damiana and red clover come together to beautifully captivate the mind, calm the heart and fill the spirit to exude the softness in strength, the power of vulnerability and the lightness in balance. 

This adaptogenic & nervine blend helps to bring balance so move you into a more relaxed state. 

To show up how you are as you are. 

Calm the heart and quiet the spirit while going inward.

Affirmation: I AM powerful in my softness.

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