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“Just flow with the time, do with the flow. Then there is no agony. There is only contentment all the time.” Mohanji

This blend of 100% organic loose leaf herbs are a cornucopia of flow. A euphoric blend to indulge the senses in a blissful experience; keeping the mind calm and sharp and your mood uplifted and gentle.

Each herb is specifically hand picked to deliver the freshest variety insuring a splendid experience with each sip.

Indulge in the flow of life and bask in the richness of release.

*Brew 3-5 tsp in 16-36 oz of water for 3 hours. May be enjoyed in smaller quantities.

All Our Herbs Are 100%  USDA Certified  Organic, Sustainably Sourced Plant Material.

We Love our plant friends and care about where they are cultivated and harvested for the best variety . 

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