Genuine Rose Quartz Facial Massager

Genuine Rose Quartz Facial Massager


Facial massage with use of facial roller, an ancient practice that’s been recorded to date back to seventh-century China for healing. The technique of facial massaging was renownedly known to keep skin supple and soft with use of jade rollers.

Why rose Quartz?

Ancient Egyptians believed that Rose Quartz crystals had anti-aging properties. It is thought that Goddess Isis would gather rose quartz crystals by the Nile River and use them to keep her skin clear and wrinkle-free. These beautiful soft pink crystals are also commonly known for their powerful vibrations to heal the heart from sentiments of lost love, anger, resentment and jealousy. Rose Quartz is believed to also lower stress, raise self-esteem, restore confidence and balance emotions. The Rose Quartz crystal is packed of minerals (including magnesium, iron and oxygen) that help reduce inflammation and support renewal of skin cells.

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